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One of the most popular inventions of science and technology is the internet. This is because there are many things that you can do with the internet. One such thing that you can do with it is to get updated with the latest news.


So if you want to get the latest news where do you go to in the internet? Well there are many news websites that you can find there. They are generally divided into two categories. The first one would be the international news websites. When you go to these news websites you will be able to learn about what's happening in the world. There are also categories that you can find in these websites. There are also some special features when it comes to news. That is the reason why you will learn many things here when you go to this website.


The second kind of news website is the local news website. This is the news website of a certain country. There are local news websites put up by different countries. When you go to your local news website you will also find different categories there. You will not just be able to read about the current events and news in your country. You may also get to read about other stuff there such as news about local celebrities. This is because there is an entertainment section in some news websites. Know more about AWM.


Now if you want to get more entertainment news because you want to be updated about celebrities or the latest movies you can specifically go to entertainment sites which have information on that. You can also readily find such websites online. You can also have local and international entertainment sites. The kind of entertainment site that you will choose will depend on you. If you want to know more about Hollywood celebrities then you can do to the international entertainment websites. To know more about news, check out this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amy-segreti/freelance-writers-how-to-_b_9282308.html.


That is what you can do. These are the websites where you can find news and entertainment sources. Because they are offered for free on the internet there has been a great decline in the sales of print media such as newspapers and magazines. This is understandable because it is much more convenient now to get your news and entertainment information online. However if you want other kind of information such as how to clean toilet with vinegar you can also easily find that in another kind of website online. Click here if you have questions.